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Vastu Sastra Vaastu is a Sanskrit Word which means a residence or home plot of land foundation of a house .Vastu Shastras Vaastu (Vastu) in UJJAIN India are Ancient Manual of architecture. It contains Vastu Vidya Vastu Study. Human civilization started & Human Started Building homes, Vaastu(Vastu) has always most important parts of life. Sometimes we avoid principle of ancient vedic science while constructions. It also can have a very much negative impact on our upcoming life like loss in business; Our Family Members fall sick or suffer from stress because of Vaastu (Vastu) defects in our home. Vaastu is always science of all type of construction which is one of the most important in construction since Vedic or ascent period. Vaastu (Vastu) is always a science of balancing connecting with law of nature ,Vaastu (vastu) friendly.
In vaastu(vastu) shastra thinking about internal & external surrounding environments of building. Word Vaastu(vastu) means is Vasa or Vasu. This is always branch of vedic science which majorly deal with basics of all type construction. For Best Vaastu(vastu) Consultancy, you can speak with Expert Vastu Consultant AchPratyingira Dr. Pranayan M Pathak who helps you to understands right direction for Residential Vaastu (vastu) UJJAIN India ,Industrial Vaastu (vastu) UJJAIN India,Commercial Vaastu (vastu) UJJAIN India, all type of Vaastu (vastu) Solutions.

Vastu Purusha Mandala
Vastu Purusha Mandala most important & associative parts of vastu (vastu) shastra & mathematical design Help us to give best outcome. Metaphysical Plan & Supernatural forces. term "Purusha" connected to soul energy or Universal Principle. In Vastu(Vaastu) Purusa Mandala, areas (Padas, Squares) are connected with such as given below:
» North- Kubera- Wealth or Finance
» South- Yama- Related our Life's
» East- Indra- Solar or Seeing the world
» West- Varuna- water- (Physical)
» Northeast (Eshanya)- Ruled by Shiva
» Southeast- Agni- Ruled by the fire - Agni (Energy)
» Northwest- Vayu- winds
» Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors (History)
» Center- Brahma- Ruled by the God Who Created of the universe

Why to Choose AchPratyingira Dr. Pranayan M Pathak:
AchPratyingira Dr. Pranayan M Pathak Faiths Vaastu(vastu) is just not theoretical rules or guidelines is always a practical part . He gives customized services to every individual as per requirements or needs, only after considering construction process & objective. Morever he is right combination of Numerology, Astrology &Vaastu (vastu) Shastra which assures you with mental peace of mind .
What We are Doing in Vastu?
AchPratyingira Dr. Pranayan M Pathak puts extra efforts of going for site visit because after site visits he can identified the essential information & blueprints , which is hurting your life or distracting your life's .We also focus on certain facts like: » Vibrations come from the site.
» Slope of Floor.
» Shape & Structure of the plots.
» Construction.
» Surrounding withRoads.
» Height of the boundary walls.
» Effect of sunlight & shadows.
» About Doors & Windows.
» Bathroom ,Kitchen & Balcony Position
» Placing Mandir(Small Temple in Home)
» Types of Vaastu(vastu) Remidies-

Residential or Home Vaastu (Vastu) Start from foundation & land testing , direction, slope, puja archna, all rooms, kitchen positions , bedroom position, drawing room or living room position ,guest room position, bathroom position, lobby position ,toilets position, windows position, doors position ,colors on walls n doors ,slope, stairs position, worship room position, storeroom position etc. also done Vaastu shanti ,grah parvesh muhurat & puja.
Commercial Vaastu(Vastu) Commercial Offices , Commercial Mall or all types shops , Commercial showrooms , Commercial malls, Commercial institutions, hotels, restaurants, clinics, hostels, banks, marriage halls, banquet halls Etc
Industrial Vaastu (Vastu) all type Industries small or big industries factories ,go downs. focus on machinery position & direction , facing or sitting of workers work station, vastu position of raw martial & ready material , management office work place or work stations ,director rooms, public dealing rooms etc .
Eclectic & Generator Room Direction, Direction of sun energy comes in factories , magnetic field & complete balance of panchmahaboot & directions.
We always divided the consulting process into different sections. AchPratyingira Dr. Pranayan M Pathak makes all clients feel comfortable Because of a frank nature connective interaction without leavening client personal space, If you feel any kind of disturbances at your home because of Vaastu(vastu) Dosh & we can give Remedies & Advice over the phone or email in that case you can pay us by online transfer money.

Vastu Services:
» Residential Vastu Shastra
» Vastu Shastra For Home
» Vastu For Bedroom
» Vastu For Kitchen
» Vastu Master Bedroom
» Vastu For Puja Room
» Vastu Shastra Entrance
» Commercial Vastu Shastra
» Vastu For Corporates
» Vastu Shastra For Offices
» Vastu Shastra For Malls
» Vastu For Showroom
» Vastu Shastra For Hotels
» Vastu For Hospitals
» Industrial Vastu Shastra
» Vastu For Industries
» Vastu For factory Office
» Vastu For Staff Quarters
» Vastu For Factory Store
» Vastu For Industrial Plot
» Vastu For Warehouses
» Project Vastu Shastra
» Vastu For Power Project
» Vastu For Metro Projects
» Industrial Vastu Project
» Residential Vastu Project
» Vastu For Resort Project
» Vastu For Ashram Project
» Vastu & Directions
» Vastu Remedies
» Vastu by Skype
» Vastu Site Visit
» Vastu Email Consultation

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